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The unexpected loss or injury of a family member, a friend, a co-worker or an employee often accompanies emotional hardship, turmoil, sorrow, and a sense of vulnerability. We understand the integral role our bio recovery services play in healing, bereavement and closure processes.

Our compassionate and understanding team members recognize and value this role, always sensitive to the needs of our clients when conducting their duties.  ABS remediation services are always administered in a professional, dignified and respectful manner.

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In an effort to ease our client burdens, Advanced BioRecovery Solutions provides insurance claims processing advice, assistance, and in many cases, complimentary litigation services. Our knowledgeable team can aid clients in navigating the complex and involved property insurance filing process, providing expertise where needed. If desired, ABS will handle the entire process at no additional charge to the client.

ABS has successfully filed and processed client claims with Allstate, Avatar, Castle Hill, Citizens, Florida Fidelity, Hartford, Heacock, Homeowner’s Choice, Lloyd’s of London, NA Risk, Olympus, Prepared, Pure, Southern Fidelity, State Farm, Tower Hill, Travelers, UIHNA, Universal, USAA, Florida Peninsula, Liberty Mutual, Chubb and other insurers. Our experienced claims processing team will work with your insurer to maximize policy benefits.

Where insurance is not available, capped and/or financial means are limited, ABS can provide alternative funding sources, to include third-party loan sources. Advanced BioRecovery Solutions will also collaborate with Victim Advocate groups and government entities to locate funding sources designed to support those clients in need.

Please note, qualifications for these funding sources are established by the agencies or third-party loan sources.

As an added convenience to our clients, Advanced BioRecovery Solutions accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

We do not pass credit card fees onto our clients.